Couples Photo Session- Pinawa, Manitoba

August 04, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Pinawa Dam Provincial Park Couples Session

Winnipeg Photographer


Sometimes you just need to take the time to have some photos of you and your other half.  That was the case with these two beautiful people.  We drove out to the picturesque Pinawa Dam for this session.  It was a super fun evening however we could have done without the bear surprise at the end.  As we were walking back to the vehicles right there, several feet in front of us, two black bears going through the garbage.  YIKES! I wanted to run the other way, but we remained super calm making noise and making ourselves look large..they eventually ran away/away from us thankfully and all was good.  Mostly every part of me wanted to run in the other direction, which probably wouldn't have been the right thing?!  I however did not get a photo of that, bummer.



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